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Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from June 2009
Apartment for rent portal is good
Previous years, 80% was rented through IHA.
Go on vacation to Fernando-V
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from July 2014
I am registered on for several years. I have many reservations with IHA. I like the ease and feel of the site. The contact is direct with holidaymakers.
Go on vacation to Bea
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from December 2012
Long affiliated with IHA, I enjoy the ease of use of this rental website. This allows me to establish real relationships with my clients, independently. My clients feel it well and they come back to see me even if I live at the end of the world. I also believe that they appreciate the kindness of the Polynesians and the tranquility of this little island of Moorea, where daily life is always light and simple living. Thanks IHA for putting at the disposal of the small vacation rentals, like mine, a so powerful tool.
Go on vacation to Muriel
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from January 2007
IHA one site to which as the owner, I'm loyal for years. A clear presentation, the ability to insert a complete text and photos.
I registered on IHA for years and this site gives me a lot of clients. Holidaymakers who visit this site and then become tenants are customers who present no problem, respectful of the leased property, charming and very often become regular customers.
They let me know thanks to them and their friends, family, colleagues and to IHA lengthens the string of my potential customers...
Go on vacation to Nicole
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from March 2015
Everything is simple with IHA. My guests are polite and respectful of the apartment. Communicate with them, by direct mail or telephone is very simple. My guests here appreciate the proximity to the hotel to take a drink in the Sunset and swim in the lovely pool. IHA is really a great site.
Go on vacation to Dominique